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Thank you for your feedback. Our FDA information is under our manufacturer Clearity LLC with full certification as digital hearing aids. The order was cancelled and no product was sent at your request.
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Update by user Sep 28, 2017

*Beware These are Not Digital Hearing Aids* Nothing more than an amplifier and will cause damage to your hearing. Please consult with your physician before ever purchasing a Hearing aid and have your Hearing Tested!

Original review posted by user Sep 19, 2017

Ordered Hearing Aids for my Elderly Father, spoke to Doug Clark the Sales Person on the phone. Doug , is quite the con artist, as stating these are the Highest Quality Hearing Aids available and at the cheapest price.

No.1 They are not Digital Hearing Aids, they are not programmable, and they are not FDA Approved, nor does ListenClear have a license from the FDA for their product, as I contacted FDA and they let me know they are not Digital Hearing Aids, so they do not require a license and they also do not approve of them. I had concerns from the time I hung up the phone with Doug as he just sounded shady, so I started doing my research, and BBB does not even endorse them, that is how shady this company is. I phoned back and could never reach Doug again, did speak to person in customer service and let them know I am cancelling order as did take my Father to Audiologist and had his hearing tested and purchased real hearing aids that are approved by FDA. I also informed the customer service person that "Listen Clear" is a joke and to stop misleading customers into thinking that these are Real Hearing Aids, as they are not , the Audiologist confirmed they are simply Amplifiers and very dangerous for my Father to use.

* Do not purchase anything from this company, and if you gave your bank information to them to send hearing aids, immediately call your bank or financial institution and cancel that account and advise unauthorized charges., as they will continue to charge your bank account without your permission.


Product or Service Mentioned: Listenclear Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3200.

Preferred solution: Company to stop False Advertisement ,as these are not FDA Approved Hearing Aids..

Listenclear Pros: Hearing aids through mail.

Listenclear Cons: Fraud and betrayal, Fact that i was lied to, Faulty merchandise, Unqualified sales people, Total rude obnoxious fraud policies.

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Although I agree with most of what was said here, the hearing aids are in fact FDA registered digital hearing aids. You just have to ask the right questions.

Apparently ListenClear is considered the distributor, and Clearity is the manufacturer.

I had a terrible experience with this company. A customer service representative told me I had until the end of November to return my ears because I had had so many issues throughout my "trial period". I threw in the towel a couple weeks ago and called to return and another customer service representative told me that my trial ended in early October.

Seems like a scam all around. But I did get some info by calling the FDA.


I Just want to say Thank you to the Administrator of this site as well as to BigDog and to Concerned as you certainly saved me from purchasing these so called Hearing Devices, as I received a telemarketing call from this call and just had a very bad feeling that this company was not Legit, Thank God I went with my Gut instinct as I certainly do not need them Pulling my credit without my permission ,not having all of my Personal information as well as banking.

*This is terrible that they prey on Senior Citizens*

Also the pushy person on the line was not wanting to take "No for an Answer", I finally hung up on him.

* Please help spread the word not to do Business with this Bogus Company as this needs to be on more websites *


I love all of your reviews slamming the company that you clearly used to work for. 1) There isn't even a $3200 hearing aid that ListenClear offers. 2) If you "cancelled" the order, how is your monetary loss $3200???


AN: You obviously cannot find a real job, and have no idea the money that was charged to my American Express, I rounded it off for you $3200.00 as obviously you are an Listen Clear Employee, and doubtful that you have much of an education .

I had to stop payment on my AE card as to ensure no employee at ListenClear had access to my Financials, after all, you asked for my date of birth, ssn ,address, and bank info. perfect opportunity for ListenClear to now initiate Identity Theft as I was advised by my Bank.

*Caution if anyone has purchased hearing aids from ListenClear, or given banking info, immediately contact your financial institution as your Personal information is not protected and is at risk*



BigDog2017 : I'm sorry that you have had a bad experience with ListenClear, but your angry antics are not correct. 1.

Our first obligation is to insure that our customers information is safe and secure. 2. If an error happens we fix it with a great sense of urgency. Our hearing aids are FDA approved by law they have to be in order to sell hearing aids this way.

Furthermore, that is why a compliance is read to everyone of our customers. All our calls are monitored and reordered , but we thank you in for expressing your opinion.


Dear Anonymous:

Obviously you are an employee of Listen Clear Amplifiers, if your so proud of your company why not use your actual name instead of Anonymous.


1. Listen Clear does not even advise the Customer ( via telemarket campaigns) that you are running a credit check on them via Lexis Nexis ( 800) 543-6862 who will verify to the customer that Listen Clear ran an unauthorized credit check on unsuspecting Senior Citizens- this is not insuring customers information is safe or secure, and if an error happens you fix it with great sense of urgency, NO.1 you start off by not even asking the Customer for permission to pull their credit, this is illegal and Fraud, your must ask permission to run anyone's credit as well as provide a copy of the credit report. Your Hearing Aids are not FDA Approved by Law , as you have no Approval from FDA as you are not selling actual Hearing Aids ,this can be verified by calling FDA- Food and Drug Administration ( 888) 463- 6332, they will verify Listen Clear has no approval for their Amplifiers nor a license with them, or registration as the product Listen Clear sells is not an actual Medical Device it is an Amplifier.

Compliance is not read to each customer , all that is read is the payment plan and price to catch the unsuspecting consumer that you just recorded a verbal contract that you will hold over them until they die.

Not all calls are monitored or recorded as we asked to hear ours and it could not be found, seems some type of problem with the internet that day.

* The most dangerous is recording of Identity as this is the person's social security number, date of birth and address, and of course banking information, this should not be recorded to land in any employee of the company who has not undergone a background check,(convicted felons) and may or may not be giving their legal name to the consumer to which they have everything to commit Identity Theft. * Get your facts straight and the State's Attorney Office can verify that you must ask permission to pull credit on anyone as well as offer a free copy of the report*


BigDog2017 - your writing style is awfully similar to that of Concerned's. Sporadically capitalizing letters that don't need capitalizing, excessive use of asterisks, a fundamental misunderstanding of punctuation, etc.

You doubt I have much of an education, yet you don't know the difference between the possessive pronoun "your", and the conjunction "you're"????? HAHAHAHA!

"Obviously you are an employee of Listen Clear Amplifiers, if YOUR so proud of your company why not use your actual name instead of Anonymous."

You clearly were a Rhodes Scholar.


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