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Thank you for you detailed feedback. The return was accepted and the account closed. There was confusion about the shipping being held and the actual order should have been held. We apologize for the inconveience.
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I spoke with Pamela and Anthony at Listen Clear. Pamela was nice and gave me lots of front end info about the product and I agreed to the 45 day "risk" free trial with a $1 charge at the end of the process to start the trial (pretty standard, as I work for a company that does a similar deal for at home trials).

After this "confirmation" I was given additional information about charges etc that made me rethink the decision. I am ordering for my father and I said that I would rather not do this until talking to him if this would automatically be a charge on my card. Pamela and I agreed that we would put this on hold **indefinitely (important) til I spoke with him about it so that he would not be surprised as he has been resistant to the idea of hearing aids. I would call her back.

Today I received a box with hearing aids. I have not called them back as I have not spoken with my father about this. I spoke with Anthony in Customer Service who told he would review and call me back. I confirmed the number he would be calling from and his name and hung up.

When Anthony called back he called from a different number entirely (I think by design) and suddenly had a change in the corporate policy that they cannot hold shipments indefinitely if you have given them a card as confirmation of the trial. How convenient. And while he spoke directly to his supervisor about the issue, he claimed that I would have to wait 24-48 hours to do the same.

Even better I will have to pay a 10% of the total cost of the hearing aids as a restocking fee if I return them before 21 days. Initially i was encouraged by my interaction with this company, but I would never complete a purchase with them because they are not upfront, they have terrible customer service policies even when they are wrong, their policies are designed to entrap instead of help patients, and what they did to me is theft (even $1 without my consent is theft, even though they claim that because I gave them my credit card it is consent).

Product or Service Mentioned: Listenclear Hearing Aids Free Trial.

Reason of review: Deception and theft.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Listenclear Cons: Bad practices, Unprofessional, Customer service, Unqualified sales people.

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Sorry to hear that you did not want take advantage of a free trial offer to improve your Fathers hearing.

Nothing speaks louder than when family members refuse to take advantage of an opportunity to improve their Health , because they don't want to have to pay for it.

* I can tell you Listen Clear is very considerate and worked out an individual payment plan for us .

Very Sad

@Dee Dee

She never stated she didn't want to pay, she said she was going to TALK to her father FIRST to TRY TO TALK HIM INTO THE IDEA OF USING HEARING AIDS. Stop trying to turn the story around to make it into something that's NOT TRUE. She should have filed a chargeback and got all her money back and kept the hearing aid since she never completed or authorized the sale.

@Dee Dee

You are unbelievable! How dare you assume she doesn't care for her father!

It's people like you and companies like this that give people second thoughts . You should be ashamed .


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