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The authorities were contacted about this and they did not ask for evacuation.

Bomb threat in savannah Ga office but didnt clear out employees...down right Greedy

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ListenClear does not care about it's employee's and this post proves it, employee's make minimum wage and are constantly being beat out of Sales and monies due, they pay structure changes daily as the NEW CEO - could care less if anyone makes any money other than himself , he is in the business of preying on Senior Citizens and people in difficult financial situations, his company TITLE MAX loves taking advantage of people with high interest rates and no way to get their auto back .

Tracy Young is the CEO and was recently fined $9.5 million dollars for Federal Violation in Lending. * With that being said do you think he cares if a bomb threat may actually injure or kill a few peon employees selling Hearing Amplifiers...

* Move on and get a job where the company does care about it's employee's and doesn't take advantage of innocent customers*

to Matt #1401053

thank you for the info on the way the company operates. The way it treats it's employees is a direct reflection of how management treats it's customers. I for one want no part of a company that hasn't learned that the Sweatshops died in the early 20th century.

to Claudia #1413473

BigDog (aka Matt and Claudia) - you don't need to capitalize "greedy", "sales", "senior citizens", "federal violation", "lending", "hearing amplifiers", nor "sweatshops".


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