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This is a disgruntled employee as stated in the review. There is no basis for his claim about customers information.

Do Not Provide this Company with Your Personal Identity. Do NOT Give then your Full Name, Date of Birth and your address and phone number as you are setting yourself up for Identity Theft and for your Bank Account to be emptied.

This company has nothing but complaints and lawsuits. THE BBB will not even rate them as so many complaints. State Attorneys office has multiple complaints and they have No Licensing and they are NOT FDA Approved as they are not hearing aids they are “Amplifiers”. Your phone conversation is recorded so multiple people within the company can go back and listen to right down all your banking information .

Employees make minimum wage and no background check, the managers will Not even pick up the phone if a customer demands to speak to one . I know as I work here and am owed wages and have contacted the Labor Board along with coworkers. In case you are curious as to what the person on the other end of the telephone is doing here are pics of “Manager Peter Blake” drinking on the job and posting pics in his office on Facebook!


Product or Service Mentioned: Listenclear Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Had to go look. "This guy looks dangerous." The guy has Food Network listed under TV Shows.

Gets into comment wars containing more emojis than a high school kids' mom trying to fit in with her kids and be all "hip" and *** He's dangerous to that box of Moon Pies. He actually looks like the guy in the office of a church that work for.


This guy looks dangerous.

Glad I know what kind of people work for Listen Clear.

Definitely not doing business with this type of company.


I am so glad that individuals have posted their terrible experiences on this site and to think that this type of individual works for this company and I am sure they are all like this guy as I read they do not do background checks and have many convicted felons working for them.

I would not want them having my Parents personal information or banking information, this deeply concerns me and definitely is a Scam.


HAHAHAHAHAHA! You capitalized "Parents" and "Scam" BigDog. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


That guy is scary, and he is a Manager?


HAHAHA! I can pick up on your literary style.

You are replying to yourself. Capitalizing "manager"?

HAHAHAHA! You, sir, are the idiot.


I have to agree that this guy is definitely scary .

I would never purchase hearing aids or any medical device over the internet, that's not in anyone's best interest.

Your health is very important , never gamble with it, see a Doctor and use your health insurance to pay for your needs.


"Do Not Provide this Company with Your Personal Identity."

Hey BigDog - how do you decide which letters to capitalize? Is it random?

I had a feeling you used to work for ListenClear. Why else would you be so angry?

That's pretty low going after Peter like that. What he does outside of work is his own business.


Anonymous: Dec . 20 #1407431

Your obviously an idiot.

Peter's pictures are both in his office and he is complaining his cubies are driving him to drink at work. Sorry you are not able to pick up on little things, and not the brightest but that is why you work at Listenclear as you have Loser on your forehead.

Read the Reviews all nothing good to say about Listenclear and then there are the Class Action Lawsuits for* Robo Calling*.


You mean "you're"? Who's an idiot?


And he's talking about the Cubs you ***.


3/4s of the negative reviews are you! I can by the way you capitalize words that don't need capitalizing. There is 100% chance my IQ is twice yours.


You capitalize "Loser" and "Reviews" but not *"cubbies"?????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And I'm not the brightest???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


Just looked at the Better Business rating of Listen Clear

D which is horrible.

Too many complaints and BBB does not endorse them.

That’s all the information I need.


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