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Thank you for your feedback. Our hearing aids are FDA approved digital hearing aids manufactured by Clearity LLC. August 15th was the day chosen for charges to begin NOT the trial end date. We did have contact and completed a repair in 11/2017 and have had no complaints since then. Please call customer service if there anything needed.
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I was told by Jarrett that my cut off date was August 15th, I put a reminder in my iPhone to remind me when my cut off date was. My dad started having issues with his hearing device before that time so I called June 30th and he sent some wires out and they still don't work.

I called today which is July 31st again to complain that he was having issues and I scheduled my dad an appointment with a hearing specialist and that I need to go ahead an arrange return of the items because I am still having the issues. I was told I was to late to return.....I was clearly told August 15,2017 I asked several times put it in my phone and I also recorded every phone conversation with these people. They were very nice at the start but all of a sudden turned rude. I have just had them investigated.....

This company does prey on Senior Citizens and currently has no licensing whatsoever to operate nor an Audiologist on staff as required by the FDA, no licensing by this company whatsoever. Several cases filed on BBB, RIPOFF REPORT WEBSITE .... This is a scam at the least , it's not even a hearing aid......Please be advised!!! they are not hearing aids.....they are actually digital hearing aids, they are nothing more than an amplifier!!!

WOW Really!!! What a sad time we live in when people take advantage of Senior Citizens !!

I what to return these AMPLIFIERS NOT HEARING AIDS AND GET MY PARENT REAL HEARING AIDS!!!!! I am filing a complaint with any and everyone BBB, Ripoff everyone!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Listenclear Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You are correct they are not Digital Hearing Aids, they are simply Amplifiers, you can buy over the counter for $79.99 anywhere, they will not do anything but harm your hearing .

*Immediately close down whatever method of payment you provided to ListenClear, and notify your bank to not allow any charges from them and to reverse anything they have charged.

Be advised it is False Advertising by our rep and the company as no FDA Approved and that can be verified by FDA, no licensing for anything Listen Clear is selling, and as a matter of fact they have been notified that it is against the law to sell in Georgia, yet they continue.

Report them immediately to your Attorney General, and to the ADA,

If you truly want Hearing Aids , go to an Audiologist and pleas have a complete hearing test.

to Janet Jackson #1397332

I'm an audiologist, and my neighbor decided to purchase from ListenClear, so I did some research for him. The hearing aids that ListenClear sells are manufactured by Clearity, who is licensed by the FDA.

Also, no hearing device, whether it is a digital hearing aid or a cheap amplifier off the shelf of Walgreens, will hurt your hearing unless it can reach 132 dB.

And if it has the ability to reach 132 dB, it has to come with a special warning statement according to FDA regulations.

I don't endorse ListenClear by any means, I think they're scamming senior citizens, but please educate yourself before posting erroneous information.

to Anonymous #1413476

BigDog educate himself/herself? HAHAHA! This is clearly the same person as noted by their sporadic capitalization of words that don't need capitalizing.


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