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This has been addressed on the website. The review is written by a local audiologist that is not happy that we provide affordable hearing aids.
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I ordered from Listen Clear because of all their advertising in my local paper and on the radio. I originally thought they were a local company, that was the first red flag, because they purposely were not clear on where they were located. After talking to their representative about how great the product was, using the "latest technology", and perfectly clear sound I tried the least expensive product which was roughly $600 each ("but because you called now, we're giving you $100 off..."). I thought I would try it because I'm on a fixed income and needed two new hearing aids and these were relatively affordable.

The product received looked fine, until I put them on my ears. They sounded terrible! I couldn't hear the person next to me until I took the aids off. I have a moderate loss, so I don't need lots of power just clarity of voices, but these did the opposite! They plugged everything up and made it impossible to hear. I thought it was defective, so I called them and spoke to a different representative. After a long talk, which didn't accomplish anything because I had already tried what was being said (per the instruction book), I just wanted to return them.

This is where it gets bad!!

Before returning, I took the devices to a local guy to try and help adjust them just to make sure, but got a very rude awakening about Listen Clear "hearing aids". These CANNOT be adjusted at all for a person's hearing loss. They are pre-programmed or something like that, which it was explained to me from the local Hearing Aid Dispenser that this is the COMPLETELY WRONG type of device for my loss. These can actually MAKE MY HEARING WORSE!!!

I called Listen Clear back to get clarification and was told that these devices actually weren't the latest and greatest and actually that they weren't even hearing aids AT ALL!!!!! The sales person then tried strong arming me into getting the "real" hearing aid (over $900 each!). After seeing the local professional, I knew a few more basic questions to ask just to see exactly how far this charade would go. The biggest red flag was THE SALES PERSON IS NOT A HEARING AID DISPENSER OR AN AUDIOLOGIST, BUT IS TRYING TO SELL ME HEARING AIDS!! That is NOT LEGAL!!! They do not even have an audiologist or professional on staff to answer these questions. This is just a call center where minimum wage people off the street try selling you medical devices to help your hearing!!! DO NOT BUY FROM LISTEN CLEAR!! I heard and saw their advertising around my town (Souderton, PA) thinking they were local. Since they are located somewhere in Georgia, I'm assuming my town isn't the only target. What a terrible company! Trying to advertise nationwide probably spending millions from some bigger corporation to make a quick buck and scam the elderly into buying a junk product from non-qualified "sales people". This place is just a huge, complete scam trying to take advantage of the elderly. AVOID IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEARING AND DO NOT BUY!!!

To make matters worse!!! I am having an extremely difficult time getting my refund for the returned devices.. At this point and difficulty dealing with them, I'm not sure I ever will get my money back. I will probably have to get my credit card company involved and do a chargeback from these scammers!

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

I liked: Hearing aids through the mail, Price.

I didn't like: Unprofessional, Bad service, Bad practices, Unqualified sales people, Return process, Refund process, Scamming elderly, Pushy strong arm sales.

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I told them I didn’t even want them. They sent them anyway and returned them too.

Send never got them but canceled the card I was using and they sent me a bill for over 2000.

I will never pay them I told them I never wanted them in the first place! After I heard all the bs that came along with it!

Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States #1269995

I have had the opposite experience and also live in PA. I had to return my unit because my hearing loss was of a different type.

I had A+ service and no hassle no cost returns. Good product, good business practices.

Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #1265162

Call the better business co. I did it all online and had my money back in 2 days. Good luck.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #1240274

this review is fake! Probably just an audiologist or hearing aid specialist trying to take out competition.

Bountiful, Utah, United States #1218015

This is an audiologist upset that Listen Clear has exposed the scam of having to pay $6000 for hearing aids. Most devices cost less than $1000 to manufacture, whether it's a Seamens unit or others.

Listen Clear's product was created by audiologist and offer an affordable option. My inner canal hearing aids from Listen Clear have improved the my quality of life beyond measure...

Great company and service!

to Anonymous Oxford, Alabama, United States #1305994

Why are you anonymous if it's so good?

Irvine, California, United States #1205793

This company is a bait-and-switch scam. I ordered for my father and he did not like the product so we returned it according to their trial period rules.

They talked us into trying a different model and shipped that to my dad to try again with no instructions or receipt. It wasn't a fit for my dad so he tried to ship it back and they refused, saying the initial 45 day period isn't valid when you try a second product. None of this was explained, but they claim to have audio tapes of our conversations and now have sent me to a collection agency. We shipped it back at our own expense.

They issued a refund, but still continue to harass me via phone calls from the collection agency that claims I owe a full payment for the devices that were returned.

We do not even have the devices, but they want a payment. Total ripoff.

South Jordan, Utah, United States #1196965

I listen to Fox News on Sirius Satellite Radio over the internet. I consider the majority of their ads scams.

I have been disappointed in the few products I tried. I am going to complain about Listen Clear based on reviews I have read - but I hope those that have ordered Listen Clear junk do so also - it will carry much more weight than a non-user.

to Anonymous Miami, Florida, United States #1202925

Thank you for your detailed review. I won't waste my time calling them.

to Anonymous Bountiful, Utah, United States #1218013

So you have never tried the product but are giving it a negative review... You're not even brave enough to leave your name... Isn't that bearing false witness???

to Curious ***sumer West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #1273253

Where's YOUR name? Isn't that a little hypocritical? All of the positive reviews seem to come from Utah, Tulsa and Savannah where the call centers of Listen Clear are located....

Not very professional?

Gadsden, Alabama, United States #1192141

I spoke with them yesterday. and the first thing i questioned was how do they match my hearing loss with out a hearing test.

I will be Leary of any quick sale scheme. Thank you for the report.


thank you for the review! will stay away


Call the Federal Trade Commission to complain. They helped me when I was scammed....

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, United States #1130693

I am not sure what this person's problem is......I received mine and they are FDA approved, actual hearing aids according to my doctor. I heard the radio ad and I know the hearing aids aren't free.

The trial is free. Just like when I tried my Bowflex. A company isn't going to send out expensive equipment without securing the trial with some form of payment. No one would ever send the stuff back!

I am very happy with mine.

I love the TV setting because now I can hear the tv without having to turn up the volume and run off everyone else in the room. I think they are a good company and I am satisfied.

to Anonymous Brookings, South Dakota, United States #1229351

Sounds like you work for the company!


I'm sorry for your loss with the hearing aid but thank you for saving me and many others the time, money and aggravation by filling out this review.

Hi just want to thank you for your very detailed review- I was going to order it for my mom and because of your article, I'm not even going to call. Thanks so much for helping out:)

THIS company SUCKS. THEY would not return my money, and then sent the remaining balance due to a COLLECTION AGENCY.




to Anonymous Mays Landing, New Jersey, United States #1207293

If you paid with a credit card you can ask them to do a charge back. Look at the back of your cc for info on dissatisfied purchases.

I buy everything on my cc for this reason. It is there to protect you .Good luck


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