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Thank you for your feedback. This account has been closed. You do admit to keeping over the trial period. We did offer a Restock fee but it was declined.
Johns Island, South Carolina
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Why I got on the internet to shop for best price on hearing aids seemed like the right thing to do But was it ?? Price is not always the right thing when its about your health and hearing aids can be very important about you living right so do not second guess about your hearing aids and price alone its a mistake.

First I did not ask about where they were located, bad mistake or if an agent was local. Sent in the down payment, some time later received the units, mind you with no prior ear testing as to my needs, an other mistake. Tried the units after reading all the info. but could not keep them in my ear, kept popping out.

After several attempts, calls, correspondence in e mails could not fix problem and of course over the test period and warranty. Let the units set in the box for weeks while payments continue to be taken out of my account finally decided to call support and gave them the story, was told they would get back to me, no reply so I called support again, suggested I send the units back and they will send another set for me to try but they must receive my set back first. Now what would you do ?? They will email a return label to me and again if no fit and no local agent , no I guess not folks.

Some warm body to talk to and check your fitting and first to test your ears for any questionable object about your fit would be best now that I realize how important this fit is. Mail order lots of things OK but this NO !!

To critical an issue about your living and health just an opinion folks. But give it some thought.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Listenclear Pros: Tried to work out the problems.

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