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This account has been closed as of 1/10/2017. The hearing aids were accepted as a return with no refund of the monies paid as the account was outside trial and the charges were valid.

Hello my name is Beatrice Grier Iam makes a complaint about the free trial and my mother money i want your to refund her back and also a overdraft fees charger on her bank account and my mother name is Valerie Grier and i returns your item back to your and my mother never got to use the free because she was in the nursing home from abroken ankle and she didn't get home until July 11/2016 and then she had to go back in the nursing home and she been in a comma for a month and half now she can at of her comma today 2/23/20017. Iam very angry with your sales man because iam still waiting on him to call me back about this situation as of today and my name is Beatrice Grier her older daughter please somebody get in contact with me about this situation the number here is 704-394-8573 the sale said your refund her 79.99 in January my mother never got that refund at all and also i feel my mother sure get all her money back and that a total of 319.96 plus her overdraft fees charger from her bank because she call several times and ask your to cancel this and also told she never got to use the free trial all this was when she can home in july and to now.this is a picture of my mother in her electric wheelchair.

Product or Service Mentioned: Listenclear Hearing Aids Free Trial.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Honeoye Falls, New York, United States #1329223

received call today from Listen Clear, and they wanted me to order today, stated I had 45 days free trial, and if decided to keep them I would be charged 89.99 for 24 months. If not satisfied after using free trial, all I had to do was call for a free shipping label, at their cost. After reading these comments Listen Clear, can't really hear, let alone read what the consumers are saying.


Complete scam. The technology is 40 years out of date, this *** is worth a couple hundred bucks but they are charging $2,800.


I read a lot of comment about the accounting side of it but I want to know if the product even works or not. Thats the most important thing!!

to Heather James #1320418

It works a little but it's value anf quality is not worth $1200/$1500.

It's more like a $60-$100 dollar value and quality.


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