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When can I return my ListenClear hearing aids?


You can return any time during the initial 45-day trial period. Your trial period starts upon the date of delivery and is outlined in the paperwork sent within the box.

To return, call Customer Service to request a return label. Customer Service is available Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern, at 888-320-0424.

They are closed during major national holidays. If you are having issues with the hearing aids, Customer Service can offer troubleshooting tips and solutions for most problems. If you decide that returning is the best option for you, you will be sent a return shipping label. Some clients are offered an extended trial time due to extenuating circumstances.

These trial times are discussed with Customer Service and are noted on the customer’s account. Returns within these periods are also allowed.


Why can’t I send hearing aids back to ListenClear myself?


All ListenClear hearing aid shipments are insured so, if the package is lost, a claim can be filed with the shipping provider. If the shipping provider cannot confirm the package was delivered, the customer is not responsible for the lost package.

If the customer sends the hearing aids to ListenClear themselves, and the package is lost, the customer is responsible for the total cost of the hearing aids. If a customer is near the end of their trial, requesting a return label from the Return Department will inform ListenClear to expect the hearing aids back. The tracking numbers for these packages are linked to a customer’s account for Representatives’ ease.

If ListenClear is not expecting the hearing aids, the customer’s account will stay scheduled to charge on the 45-day trial’s end. The hearing aids may also arrive to ListenClear in time but may not be checked in promptly, because ListenClear return labels are prioritized.


How do I get the most out of my trial period?


Hearing aid companies are required to give customers a 30-day grace period to try products. ListenClear goes further and provides a 45-day trial.

We know the longer you’re able to try the hearing aids, the more likely you’ll be happy with the result. The length isn’t arbitrary. Hearing aids are incredibly difficult to get accustomed to. Hearing loss happens gradually, and clients usually wait a decade after hearing loss begins before seeking help.

The sounds you know you’ve been missing are just a fraction of what you’re not able to hear. You know you’re missing conversation, but you may be forgetting the true volume of things like: your voice, footsteps, water running, car blinkers, silverware clanging, ambient house sounds, pets, rustling clothes, crunching paper, and other sounds. If you hear extraneous sounds like these, the hearing aids aren’t broken. They’re just doing their job of allowing you to hear again.

But going from not recognizing any of these sounds to being bombarded with the true volume of them all at once is usually too overwhelming for clients. The best way to get accustomed is to try the hearing aids at a low volume for a few hours at a time. Stay in quiet, familiar situations like your home and backyard. The hearing aids might sound tinny or echo-y the first week, partially from getting used to wearing an electronic, and partially from having something plug the ear.

Keep in mind that the sound you experience the first day is different than what you’ll hear in a week, and completely different from the sound quality near the end of the trial. If you ever get overwhelmed, anxious, or annoyed, take the hearing aids off and try them in a couple hours. Work your way up to wearing the hearing aids to work, church, or to a restaurant, but be prepared to take them off if the sound becomes too much. By the end of the first week, you should be wearing the hearing aids full-time.

Still too much? Call Customer Service and they can walk you through the adjustment period and changing the sound quality.


What happens after my trial is over?


If you have not called to return the hearing aids within your trial period, it is assumed that you would like to purchase the units. The account you put on file when you ordered is set to charge the day after the 45-day trial period, unless you have set up a different date with ListenClear.

Authorization for this charge is requested by the sales agent during the initial order and granted by the customer. The hearing aids cannot be ordered unless the authorization is given. Sales calls, along with the rest of ListenClear’s calls, are recorded for customer satisfaction and training purposes. Again, returns are not authorized after the 45-day trial period or given extended trial.

If you develop problems with your hearing aids, or you become concerned with how to pay for the units, please call Customer Service. They have heard of almost every issue and would be happy to offer a solution or get you onto a different payment plan.


What should I do if I have questions?


If you’re feeling lost, or you’re not sure the product is working the way it was intended, please call Customer Service. They are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to7 pm.

Eastern at 888-320-0424. Dedicated agents are waiting for your questions.


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