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Thank you for you feedback. You have been put on our Do Not Call List. The "robot" calls you are getting are from a third party affiliate. I have sent you phone number to our marketing department to have it removed from their lists as well. We are told that that process can take 2 business days. We certainly do not intend to harass anyone and apologize for the inconvenience . Please contact customer service at 888-320-0424 if you get any more calls from Listenclear and/or that affiliate.
Seattle, Washington

These guys called my phone several times over the past few months and after I tell them that no one suffers from hearing loss in my home, they just hang up in my face.

They call back a few weeks later with the automated female voice asking again " does anyone in your household suffer from hearing loss" I said no, and before I could ask to be put on the DO NOT CALL list, I get hung up on.

Today, I finally said Yes! someone in my house does suffer from hearing loss just so I could get to a live person. I was transferred to a salesman who tried to sell hearing aids to me. I told him the hearing aids were for my mom. He said," are you the primary caregiver or does mom still handle her finances?" I said, yes. She still spends her own money... but anyway, please do me a favor and put me on the DO NOT CALL list, you guys keep calling my number and hanging up in my face, how did you get my number?. He responded, thanks for your time and hung the phone up in my face.

Called from 916-235-4234 phone number at 0954am. Geez, these people.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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