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Thank you for your feedback. We do not bill insurance directly. We will provide the paperwork needed for you to submit a claim to your insurance carrier. We accepted the return outside of trial and closed the account.
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They tricked me into ordering this product they made me think my insurance would pay for the hearing wouldnt nor do they bill insurance...i dont know. What they said to make me give them my bank information..if i knew or planed to purchase this product i would have put this product on my mastercard or my discover card...i recieved the product it never worked i call to complain they never helped me resolve this matter...checked my bank statement..they with draw $88.00..went to the bank they charged me $35.00 to put a stop payment on this defective product..returned the product..i complained to better bussiness..the aterney general for the state of ohio..the company refused to return my $88.00..

The company. Said they would no longer debit my account but would not return my $ unfair..give me back my $88.00 dollars and my stop payment fee...i have medicare...medicare and humana insurance i never would have ordered a product that cost me over a thousand dollars when my income is only $733 a month...they tricked me and wouldnt return my money...dont get caught up in this scam...45 days to return something i thought would be billed to my insurance...please return my money...i really need it...thank you, Michele TaylorMitchell...Cincinnati Ohio...

Product or Service Mentioned: Listenclear Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Please contact Anthony I. Paronich Atty

Telephone: 508-221-1510


He can help you recover your money and damages as he is representing other clients in a Class

Action Lawsuit against Listenclear aka ICOT HEARING SYSTEMS LLC.

Also file a complaint with the CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as they can help as well.

Good news is this company will be closing soon as they have already closed the Salt Lake City, Utah Location and Georgia and Tulsa are next. * Also it is illegal to hold anyone to a Verbal Agreement ( the recorded conversation) if the product sold is $500 or more*


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