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Message: I am 98 years old. My $6000 hearing aid I bought 10 years ago is not helping me anymore. When i bought it there was nothing better. So I tried the listen clear and their 45 day free trial. My son talked to them on the phone for me because I cannot hear on the phone and he told them I can't understand anything with my old hearing aid, that my hearing loss was severe and the salesman said he hears this all the time and they can help, he offered me a choice of two he said could help with severe loss, one without a remote and one with. When asked what the difference was the salesman said the only difference was one had a remote control to adjust the hearing and it cost more, he said the hearing aid device itself was the same with either so I opted to try the cheaper one. After 25 days we called and asked for a return shipping label because the hearing aid did nothing for me.

The saleswoman on that call said I should have gotten the remote control one. When told the first salesman said there was no difference between the two, she said that wasn't true, the remote was a stronger hearing aid and could be configured to my specific hearing problem before they sent it if I emailed them my the results of my last hearing test. The first salesman TOLD US NOTHING OF THIS. I sent the test results and requested since they lied on the first call that I have another trial period of 45 days which she said they would do.

She sent a return label which I used to return the first hearing aid. Three weeks went by and I received nothing.

When we called to get to the bottom of this I discovered they received the return but somehow forgot to send the remote control hearing aid. Eventually they got it to me but now the clock had been ticking. I used the aids for 3 weeks when I received a voice mail message from a guy named Jeff saying they tried to charge my visa card and it was declined. I tried calling them back and was either left on hold several times when they said they were transferring me to Jeff's voicemail, or he wasn't there and to try after noon when he comes in. After more than a week of phone tag my son talked to Jeff and told him I want to return the hearing aids because they don't help and they fall off whenever I put my glasses on. Then he told us they can fix that, they have the same remote control hearing aid with a longer wire so it doesn't interfere with the glasses but if we want it there would be no trial.

My son couldn't believe it, if they had told us that, and not lied about the better hearing aid from the start we wouldn't have to try three different hearing aids. My son explained what had happened through this whole fiasco from the beginning, explaining how we were lied to from the start and now given a third option I just don't want them. Jeff put us on hold and came back with this offer, if we return the hearing aid we have they'll only charge us a restocking fee of $160! When my son insisted we return the hearing aids as per the FREE 45 day trial offer since we were lied to and strung along from the start Jeff wouldn't budge, talking over my son on the phone he threatened me with ruining my (unblemished) credit record. (We concluded the hearing aids are so bad or so cheap they don't even want them back!)

This company is anything but honest and I believe is stringing the elderly along in order to force them to buy a lousy product or pay a restocking fee. We requested they send us a return label several times on the phone call but have received nothing. The hearing aids are worthless to me, I don't want them and want to return them but I'm not paying a restocking fee because of their incompetence, They've ignored this complaint which was emailed to the people in charge twice and they insist on not allowing me to return them and damaging my credit. Their lackey called trying to get me to pay after 3 weeks and had no knowledge of my complaint. To get me off the line she, Amanda was her name, cared nothing about getting the hearing aids back and said if I'm not paying it's going to collections. I have just reported this to the FTC and will seek out every other venue for complaints I can find. DO NOT TRUST THESE CHARLATANS!

Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Preferred solution: Simply send me a return shipping label as promised in your offer which I complied to in the 45 day free trial period and let me return these pieces of crap (that even you don't seem to want) with no restocking fee and clear my credit record. .

I didn't like: Lying from the start.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #1317667

Omg just got mine. Didn't open yet.

Can I send back!!!

Dummy old lady who should have read reviews first! Friend said real bad

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1215207

I am having the exact same problem and agree they are just in the business of scamming the elderly. On top of problems with the aids themselves, even after numerous requests I have never received a contract or anything in writing showing what interest rate I'm supposed to pay and last month they took a payment from my bank account ahead of when it was due, which made my bank account overdrawn!

Rocklin, California, United States #1211566

I don't believe this story. 98 yr old and can use the cpu like that lol

to Anonymous Biola, California, United States #1223467

Apparently you haven't met any really intelligent 98 year olds. I happen to know of at least 3 who are very intelligent. They may be slow, but their minds are very sharp!

to Anonymous Golden Gate, Florida, United States #1231749

It's not about whether a 98 year old can use the computer but about the complaint

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1317669

I am 81 and want to return my unopened box. Any suggestions or advise?

Monmouth, Oregon, United States #1211153

Thank you so, so much for sharing your awful experience with this company. I will about them like the plague.

to Anonymous Newport, Kentucky, United States #1211203

This is horrible. The fact no one in authority at this company even cared to address a legitimate complaint from a 98 year old woman who is obviously doing her best to deal with their incompetency and simply wants to return the item they never should have sent her in the first place begs the question is anyone running this company? It does sound like they are setting up the elderly to get a restocking fee out of them at least.


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