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I have never before written a review on a company and especially a bad one, but after my horrible experience with this company I feel I should warn others. They are nice only when you are buying their product, after that the service is rotten.

One of my hearing aids started to malfunction, they told me I had to pay $100 to repaid them - and I did.

Two weeks later I got a hearing test and they told me I need to reprogram them. I sent the prescription and aids to them I used a small

jewelry bag to enclose the aids ( unfortunately I forgot to remove from the bag a pair of small golden diamond loops) On this discovery I called several times to speak to the supervisor - to this day that supervisor/manager ( name I have) did not return my calls. They kept my aids for 4 weeks before telling me they cannot be fixed and that no earrings was in the package. They wanted to know if I would buy another pair.

*** no, I said send them back. I would never, never, do business with these people again. As far as I am concerned they are out to get seniors money.

One representative actually hung up the phone in my ears. I was deprived of my hearing aids for 4 week and not even an apology note!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Listenclear Cons: Unqualified sales people.

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